NPE Cable losing connection with Zwift


I use the NPE Cable to pair my Garmin HR monitor to Zwift on Apple TV 4k (latest version, all updates done).

In the Gran Fondo today (9 am CEST) I lost the connection after a bit over 70 km, NPE Cable gave totally weird light signals.

I had the same idea issue in the last Fondo in March. At about the same distance.

After trying to pair again in March, I also lost the connection to my trainer, couldn’t reconnect, and was out of the Fondo, so I didn’t try that again.

No other Bluetooth devices where active in my apartment, so no “stealing” of the connection should be possible.

Is this a known problem? A fix somewhere to be found?

Hate riding without HR…

Thank you.



Replace the battery?

HR and Cable both had fresh ones.