Trouble connecting BLE devices to iPad using CABLE ant+ to BLE converter

I’ve been using Zwift occasionally on my iPad, utilizing a North Pole Engineering CABLE ant+ to BLE converter. I has worked fairly well (except for pretty poor battery life of the CABLE device).

Today I’m unable to get the Zwift iOS app to “see” the BLE devices (HR, speed, cadence) coming in through the adapter. It can see and control my smart trainer which connects natively via BLE.

I’ve tried replacing the battery on the CABLE, updating the firmware, totally quitting out of the Zwift app and restarting, stoping and restarting Bluetooth services, deleting and re-downloading the Zwift and CABLE Config apps. The iPad is getting the BLE signal from the CABLE device as I can see it in the Bluetooth connections, and the CABLE Config utility can see the ant+ sensors. I’ve also tried disconnecting the smart trainer, thinking that maybe there were too many connections (the only other Bluetooth connection on my iPad is the keyboard).

I’ve also verified that the CABLE is broadcasting Bluetooth by using the Cycleops trainer app; it can see the ant+ devices coming through the CABLE.

Has anyone else had similar issue? I’m not sure what else to try at this point. Thanks in advance.

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Our QA department is looking into this now. While I don’t have any updates yet, it is something we’ve reproduced in testing, and we’ll see if it’s something we can fix.

Same issue this morning with CABLE.  Other BLE devices connecting well.

NPE has released a firmware update for CABLE that is supposed to resolve this issue. Will test and advise.

Did you ever get this working reliably?   I just got a CABLE and having trouble keeping cadence sensor synced.  Confused about whether controllable trainer should also show up as CABLE or Kickr.  All other sensors allow me to select CABLE

I switched my speed and cadence sensor to the Wahoo dual Ant+ / BLE, which eliminated the need for the CABLE. The trainer should show up natively in Zwift without having to go through CABLE.

I still use the CABLE to get my ANT+ footpod hooked up to my iPad for zwift running, it works well for that. I think the more channels you’re feeding through it, the more potential issues.

Thanks.  I’m coming to the same conclusion.  I already have a Wahoo cadence sensor on order.   Speed is included with Wahoo kickr…so I only need CABLE for HR and CADENCE.   this should help simplify connections.   There have been reports of Zwift cadence connection problem if multiple sources… my power meter also broadcasts cadence… that and the Garmin seemed hard to keep paired.