How to use the Ipad app

I downloaded the Ipad Zwift app.  But how can I connect it to my ANT smart trainer?  I don’t have a USB port for my ANT stick and also how can I get the Ipad output onto my flat panel TV? 

The Zwift app is Bluetooth ONLY. If your only choice is Ant+ than you must use a computer.

You could go this route to bridge Ant+ to Bluetooth if you want:

 What trainer do you have, most new ones broadcast in both BLE and Ant+.

I have a Elite RealTour ANT.  It doesn’t broadcast Bluetooth.  And the “route” you mentioned wont work, because the website says it doesn’t allow the resistance changes to be sent back to the trainer. 

I guess a PC or Mac is the only option for you

Potentially you can buy an Ant+ transmitter for your iPad to enable both forms of communication. Wahoo sell this. Watch out though as it has the old 30 pin Apple connector so you will need an adaptor to make it Lightning compatible.

There are also some other bridging technologies. Read this thread to learn more


The Wahoo Ant+ key is not supported within Zwift.



Did you read the thread. John Mayfield wrote:

Ok all, some good news.  I spent a day or so adding ANT+ support into Zwift for iOS so you folks using the legacy dongles can give things a try.  It should be in our next update in early-mid January assuming Apple approves it, and will support power meters, HR straps, footpods, cadence sensors, and speed sensors.  ANT+ Control of smart trainers is not supported (yet), however most smart trainers support BLE anyway.

As I said it’s not supported. It maybe in the future, but as of right now it’s not. I would not buy that device in the hope it might be supported in the future. If you are thinking of getting it to use within Zwift I would wait to see how it works for other once the update comes out.

Oops. apologies for trying to help.

I appreciated your comment.  Too bad I am SOL.  It seems that almost immediately after one buys a trainer its obsolete and cannot be used with the latest technology.