What do I need? iOS app

(g Jones) #1

Apologies if this has been asked before but I can’t find it if it has.

I have an elite direto and am planning on running zwift with it via the iOS app. I’ll need an ant+ dongle and I’ll also need an adapter to run this with my phone, but is it possible to run the phone via hdmi to a tv with an adapter so I can run zwift on a tv screen?


(Phil Clarke) #2

HI Gareth,

the iOS platform won’t support ANT+ – the simplest connection will be to pair Zwift on the iOS device to the Direto trainer using Bluetooth.  As for the big screen, absolutely!  It’s a great way to run Zwift.  I have used Apple’s Lightning-to-HDMI adapter with no issues.

Ride on!

(Vincent W.) #3

Thanks Phil! In addition, please let us know if you experience any low resistance issues with the Direto, as we’re investigating Drivo and (some) Direto cases of that. Best way to receive technical support is by sending us a support ticket. :) 

(g Jones) #4

Thanks Phil, but can I also use my ant+ heart rate monitor with this setup?

(Phil Clarke) #5

There are a couple of ways to handle the ANT+ situation.

Apple does not support ANT+ on the iOS or tvOS platforms.  In order to use ANT+ devices in the Apple world, you will need an additional device to bridge the ANT+ signals and convert/rebroadcast them as Bluetooth LE.  Such bridge devices are the 4iiii Viiiiva heart monitor and the NPE CABLE.

The bridge device can convert/rebroadcast the ANT+ signals of several devices, such as heart monitor, cadence sensor, etc.  The BLE connection from the bridge to iOS is a single BLE connection but with multiple services (one for each ANT+ device being bridged).

There’s some info with some links in this article:
Scroll down to the “ANT+/BLE Bridge or Receiver” section.

Another option would be to buy a new heart monitor which supports both ANT+ and BLE.  An example would be the Wahoo Tickr HRM’s which are dual-band.  The Viiiva also is dual-band, in addition to being a bridge.

I have an older Garmin HRM which is ANT+ only [and also have a Garmin cadence sensor].  I’ve been using the NPE CABLE for well over a year with no issues.  It has worked great with both my iPad and AppleTV to convert the ANT+ signals to Bluetooth.

Best of luck!  And ride on!