Zwift iOS Beta

(Christopher Williams) #1

I was on BikeRumor and just read about the Zwift iOS Beta. Is this true?

Using my iPad would be incredibly more convenient. My hand is raised as a volunteer for the first wave of invitations.


(Stef Levolger) #2

Just have a look at the Zwift facebook page, Zwift themselves have now officially confirmed it as well. No further details yet though.

A shame though they went for iOS only for now though.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Indeed is is true.  

We’ll have more information coming soon and a very short survey/application to get onto the beta list.  It may be sent out to our current subscribers via email, and will probably also be posted on our social media channels when the beta application process goes live.

(J B) #4

This is what I was waiting for!!! I suppose a Wahoo key/dongle would still be required for ANT+ data?

(Adler Teixeira) #5


My hand is also raised as a volunteer for the first wave of invitations.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #6

Hey everyone!

Glad you’re stoked for this - probably as much as we are for figuring it out :slight_smile: But an FYI: this is Bluetooth only for now.


You can pick up a 4iiii Viiiiva HRM which acts as an ANT+ bridge over Bluetooth so you can connect all your ANT+ devices :slight_smile: Shane Miller aka “The Lama” talks about it in his latest video.


That’s a lot of “eyes.”

(j oey) #7

If you already have a Wahoo Key, will that allow connection of Cadence and HRM as well?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

Hi Joey,

Unfortunately, the Wahoo Keys do not work currently. Right now you’d need the 4iiii Viiiiva as a bridge for ANT+ devices.

(Peter Everitt) #9

Looking forward to this. My Tacx Neo arrives tomorrow so I would love to help out on the Beta software! 


Great news!!

(Stef Levolger) #10

Hi Eric, do other ANT+ to Bluetooth bridges work as well? Such as the Wahoo RFLKT+? Or is it currently limited to the 4iiii product only?

(Christopher Williams) #11

This is perfect for portability. My bike, iPhone, and Omnium trainer means I can easily Zwift anywhere.

I can even Zwift my pre-race warmups!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #12

@Stef - That’s the only one we know of currently (thanks to Shane Miller).

(Michal Balicki) #13

I’m super looking forward to this! It really means we can Zwift anywhere!

(Chris F) #14

Wireless streaming to a tv via AirPlay/AppleTV would be an awesome addition to this, especially given I may need my lightning port for charging on longer rides.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #15

Just a head’s up, the 4iiii Viiiiva will not allow for ANT+ FE-C control so resistance changes will not work. This mostly applies to older Elite Real trainers since most trainers with ANT+ FE-C also have Bluetooth built in.

(Duke Togo) #16

Additional info now at DC Rainmaker


(and don’t miss the Comments section…)

(Tom Caron) #17

iOS this winter? Fantastic! Zwift users will increase exponentially. However, will I be able to use my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine (dumb) trainer? If feeds speed and power thru Bluetooth to my Kinetic in-Ride app now - would this new Zwift app pick up the data using my IPhoine 6s and Ipad Air 2?

(Jon Mayfield) #18

Hi Tom. Indeed the inRide works with Zwift on all platforms, iOS included.

(J B) #19

Is the Tacx flow smart trainer supported through BLE on the IOS app?

(Andreas Stadler) #20

I am on an old Laptop at the Moment, Zwift is running on realy poor graphics. Now I am about to buy a new device and i am not sure which one (new Laptop or an ipad). Will i get access to the ios app in the next weeks? I have already signed up today for the BETA. Do you have a target, a concret time? When should zwift be out the BETA-status and be available for everyone on the Appstore?