Not going to pay, no iPad pairing for bkool smart pro and no answers

(Phil Eldredge) #1

, I’ve just got this trainer and am trying to pair using my iPad and BLE. Why do I have to pair as a power device and not a controllable device? Once I start riding, the power, speed and then controllable all pair up. Strange behaviour, but am unsure if it changes the resistance properly.

I am trialling zwift and will probably not pay for it. The trainer works fine with the bkool software…

Also I raised a ticket to support and they just haven’t responded

(... david (aka "setuid")) #2

Your BKOOL trainer is an ANT+ trainer, and Zwift on iOS is (currently) built to support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), not ANT+. They are two different, incompatible protocols.

Zwift is adding back ANT+ support into the iOS version of Zwift (ZiOS), but it’s not in any released version as yet.

Your options are to either get a ‘bridge’ device, to convert the ANT+ data coming from your trainer into BLE data that ZiOS can consume, or wait until the version of ZiOS with ANT+ support has been released.

Here’s a KB article that can help:

How do I connect my ANT+ to Zwift on iPhone/iPad