Add Bkool BLE protocol ASAP please

Back in 2016 Jon Mayfield promised that if bkool opened their BLE protocol then Zwift would add it (Zwift iOS & tvOS Users | Facebook) since then bkool have opened it up and a number of feature requests raised (now archived in the forum - Bkool smart pro on Ipad with bluetooth, Allow BKOOL Go trainer to be controllable with iOS please and so there are lots of customers who want this. Bkool have opened up their protocol for over 12 months now, so please everybody put pressure on zwift to back up their promise so we can use the bkool trainer with iOS.

Last answer from zwift in September (which is misleading as an ant+ dongle will not allow zwift iOS to control via FEC, so there is still no option to control a bkool trainer with iOS/Apple TV):

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Zwift! I’d be happy to help you.

I’m sorry, but as of right now we don’t have a concrete timeline on when the BLE compatibility with Bkool trainers will be addressed. The best option would be to use an alternative device that meets our minimum requirements, if one is available, and use an ANT+ dongle to connect your trainer.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

Xavier K.
Member Experience Agent

Please add ble option for bkool trainer’s!!!
So we could then use apple tv or Android.
Help as and vote! :smiley:
Ride on.


I’m voting for this as well!

I have a BKool and really want to use this on my iPad or Apple TV instead of dragging around my MacBook pro and then using a dongle to plug in an Ant+ key. Get it together please - we’ve waited for this for far too long.

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Im in … and also ANY SUPPORT for the Smart Go as it is NOT EVEN in the approved list of Zwift trainers even when using ANT+ FE-C. There is no Zwift Support for the Smart Go, and it seems it is kinda hit and miss as to if the Smart Go will work for people. Right now I have it working, but support for this trainer would be nice, and BLE would be good too.

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Any update on this? Trying to decide if I want to go another training platform that plays nicer with the trainer and not Zwift.


maybe Zwift could buy Bkool game and intigrate it to zwift. Then we will have a velodrome!! BKool would just retain their physical productions.


I just want to be able to use my trainer with an iPad or Apple TV over BLE. Bkool opened up the protocol and Zwift previously said that they would integrate it if Bkool opened it up. Zwift really isn’t holding up it’s end of the promise here. Considering the development efforts that have gone into Zwift in the past year, we know that they have the talent and resources to do it (I work in software so I know it can be done). It’s just a matter of them prioritizing this feature request.

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I’m also in. If not, I will sell my Bkool pro 2. I specially bought Apple TV for training with the Bkool trainer. I’m very disappointed that the resistance is not working. Please add this feature to get it working.

Kind regards, Einte

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I’m here too. I just want to be able to use my trainer with an iPad or Apple TV over BLE. I know it is possible!! Please Zwift, do it for us!!!

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That would helpful. Zwift please add Bkool support for Apple TV.

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Still no news after do long? cmon Zwift, i will only pay for zwift access with this feature so that i can use Bkool Pro 2 with ipad

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Same here. Would like to use zwift but no point if it will not work with bkool trainer.

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I understand why this might have been an issue between Zwift and Bkool (or Bkool and Zwift) prior to Nov 2019, because Bkool had a competing Sim and was also (from what I understand) the hold up for Zwift introducing Bkool trainers as supported. But now that Bkool has gotten out of the Trainer business (as of Nov 2019 they no longer make trainers), perhaps it will be possible thru the company that purchased the Trainer division of Bkool for Zwift to start supporting the trainers protocol now.

I hope so. I want to use my trainer via BLE!!

Please, i hope to use my Bkool smart pro 2 with Bluetooth and the iPad.

Please, another vote for this here!

Hi. I also want to use my Bkool GO with Bluetooth and an iPad Pro.

Add BLE support for iOS please!! Not just cadence and power, controllable please!

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Please, add one more vote for this request. I would really love to be able to use my BKOOL with my IOS devices and not having to use a desktop or laptop. Thank you

Another vote from me. Currently using a CA-BLE device but the response on resistance changes is terrible, get a good 500m up the alpe before I notice I’m on a climb. Please add BLE support for BKool trainers.