Bkool Smart Pro 2 BLE compatible

(Muriel Vélizienne #EFDV) #1

Dear Developper Team,

The trainer Bkool smart pro 2 can be used with BLE with other simulators than Bkool, then could you please add the feature please ?

This trainer is popular, then I think it would be awsome to use it with Apple TV (I bought one last december).

You can see with the simulator Kinomap, that my trainer is controlled with BLE, this means Bkool doesn’t lock bluetooth anymore to their simulator only :

I hope this feature will be planed :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

Ride on.


PS : I opened a ticket #99150 before my request.

Add Bkool BLE protocol ASAP please
(Stefano Deriu) #2

i have the same problem. any news?

(Muriel Vélizienne #EFDV) #3

Hello Stefano,

The opening of the BLE connexion with other simulators is quite new.

Then, I informed the technical support first, and the developper team after. I was asked by them to open this request, and if there’s enough votes, then the developpers should plan this feature.

Could you vote for this feature please Stefano ? and share this link if you know other users of this trainer too, it would be great…

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


(Stefano Deriu) #4

yes for sure i already voted, i hope zwift and bkool will find a solution. if we pay for a service we should get 100% of the utilities…

(Muriel Vélizienne #EFDV) #5

Thanks a lot Stefano :slight_smile:

(Stefano Deriu) #6

moreover i think direct iOS customers are growing up very quickly, it’s a pity for both bkool and zwift to have many customers unsatisfied…

(Andrew Jarvis) #7

Yes please!!

(Stefano Deriu) #8

hello Zwift, has our issue been taken in account?

(Duncan Harwood) #9

Hello I have Zwift and a bkool pro 2. Am I right in thinking as things stand if I buy the app 4k tv box yah ti cannot get the trainer to work with Zwift on Apple TV? If so this is disappointing and I hope it can be sorted.

(Stefano Deriu) #10

Hi Duncan, it will work via BT, but not as controllable trainer

(Duncan Harwood) #11

Hi Stefano.
Thanks for this just not sure what you mean by controllable trainer .

Currently I am running zwift on my MacBook with a hdmi cable to the tv which is a pain and unreliable.

I thought I could use Apple TV instead. Currently connecting the trainer means I can see power, cadecence speed etc, will the trainer still send this info to zwift on Apple TV

(Andrew Jarvis) #12

He means that over Bluetooth Zwift will not be able to adjust the resistance on the trainer - it can over ANT+ - it seems Zwift has not figured out BKool’s Bluetooth implementation just yet. You will see all the stats you mention however.

(Duncan Harwood) #13

Ahh I see thanks for explaining. I’ll hold off then… much as flying up Box Hill without resistance is tempting :wink:

(Phil Whiffin) #14


I have raised so many tickets on Bkool on this, its annoying they haven’t responded to me to tell me they had opened it up. Anyway I have faith that Zwift will do the right thing - can I suggest we post on all the bkool sites to ask users to add to this ticket.

(Stefano Deriu) #15

Thanks phil, i have done the same thing and written directly to Craig Harrison (Bkool brand manager US) who said me that bkool is discussing internally (HQ in Madrid) about this issue. We will have to check in a couple of months … i also added that here in Europe a lot of bkool customer are unsatisfied… we will see

(Stefano Deriu) #16

hope zwift will go fast to implement the support via BLE now… thanks

(🚴🏼‍♂️ Greying Cyclist) #17

Over due, Bkool & Zwift do the right thing by your customers.

(Phil Whiffin) #18

There are still only 7 votes for this - so why should they bother?

(John McCracken (GB-SCT) (WBR D)) #19

@Phil, depends how big the market potential is an not necessarily how many people tick this thread.  Please see the chicken and egg dilemma.

(🚴🏼‍♂️ Greying Cyclist) #20

How does one vote?!