Bkool Smart Pro 2 BLE support

(Martin T) #1


In the old style forum there was a longstanding, but still active, thread asking if and when Zwift would add BLE support to the Bkool Smart Pro 2 - someone else had noticed it now works happily with non-bkool software other than zwift, so presumably it is now open to developers. That thread didn’t seem to make it to the new forums so I’m asking the same question here so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Without BLE support it’s not possible to use zwift with the Bkool Smart pro 2 (in full resistance controlling mode) on either the Apple TV or the new android beta.

I know it’s something that’s been asked for previously without any joy, but any update on if or when it’ll happen would be great.



(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Martin, Zwift works with open protocols (i.e. very BLE friendly) although some devices are not open. Bkool might have more information on their Zwift compatibility.

(Obi dave Kenobe) #3

" … very BLE friendly …" as long as it’s not Windows 10.

Dear Zwift:

To be fair, I’m not convinced that Zwift’s BLE / Windows issues is a hardware incompatibility issue at all, but rather issues within their software architecture, and maybe this should be considered a “failure to address” the needs of Windows 10 users who are invested in owning equipment supporting standard BLE/Bluetooth protocols.

I hope Zwift will accept such criticisms as areas for improvement over quality and providing a unified experience and a robust software enviroment.

I truly hope Zwift is continuing to work with Microsoft corporation and BLE device manufactures as well as indoor trainer manufactures to bring the same level of BLE quality to their product on the Windows platform as they have done for OS X, iOS and Android. Rather than insisting user’s buy additional hardware or devices that Zwift chooses to support, such as dongles and devices or even entire new computer systems, I feel like the Zwift mobile app is side-stepping the real issue and the Windows platform is treated like a second class citizen. It only brings frustrations to user’s when they have to buy more gear just for making “that one app” work. And I cannot justify a recurring subscription fee on a piece of software that can’t even recognize standardized Bluetooth/BLE on the Windows system that I already own.

Maybe Zwift should reach out to the companies who make the BLE trainers and request an API or manufacture specific drivers that would allow Zwift developers as well as other third party software vendors to access and control these smart trainers.

Thank you,

(Andrew Jarvis) #5

Yep - still waiting on this one - works fine on iOS apart from the all important controllable part… not sure which throat to choke here…

(Ivar Elverum) #6

I want to use my bkool smart pro 2 along with my appletv, in full controllable mode!

Cancelled my premium subscription in august because of this failure.
The apple tv is cheap, brings good graphics and is way easier than moving around my sons fortnite pc…

(Obi dave Kenobe) #7

There are a lot of virtual training programs for Windows, and none of them support native Bluetooth. However, there are a couple out there still in beta form currently.

I would entertain the idea of actual becoming a full subscriber to the first virtual cycling app that truly supports the Bluetooth chipset that is built into my computer without the requirement of a specific model of dongle or driver version.

It should just work.

(Ivar Elverum) #8

Still no answer from the zwift management?

(Johan Thaels) #9

Also waiting for Zwift to add the ble protocol…
Cancelled my subscription to…

(William Morgan) #10

Have you guys watched this video?

I hope it works, as I’ve just ordered my BKool Smart Pro 2 - but have that sinking feeling already.
Hope I’m wrong and the video above does the trick.

(Johan Thaels) #11

ANT+ isn’t the problem , the bkooltrainer works well with zwift while it’s connected by Ant+. But when it’s connected by Bluetooth Zwift doesn’t control the trainer anymore

(Lars Langgaard) #12

So still the combination of ZWIFT, AppleTV and BKOOL is a NO-GO?

I was thinking of upgrading from my old laptop-stuff to an AppleTV based setup with a big screen TV, but this would mean I would need to get another Trainer than BKOOL then…perhaps better stick with BKOOL software then…?

(Kayak Elite) #13

I just receive authentic ANT+ Wahoo key and genuine Apple lightining to 30 pin adapter for iPad but still doesn’t work. Lost more than 100€.
It doesn’t work neither with my android phone.

(Matt Pierce) #14

Any update on when the bcool smart pro will be be compatible with the apple tv for resistance control of the trainer?

(Obi dave Kenobe) #15

I have successfully managed to connect my Surface Pro over Bluetooth to my Kickr Snap with the latest version of the Rouvy app for Windows 10 using native Bluetooth with power and speed from the trainer.

The heat is on, Zwift! Do you rise to the challenge?