Pairing Bkool go with zwift in ipad

I cant make it :frowning: help !

Make sure the trainer is not connected to anything else using Bluetooth, including your phone or iPad. You should let only the Zwift app find the trainer. Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time.

Hi, I have tried to connect my iPad to Zwift using bluetooth too, but it just won’t connect. Has anyone managed to get this to work?


I can connect to the Bkool software fine on the iPad, but not Zwift. Can’t see why I’d pay to use software that won’t connect to iPads!

Read this thread:

Thanks Paul, but that thread relates to the Bkool GO, whereas I have the BKool smart PRO. Can’t find anything that suggests Zwift won’t connect to it via BT, which seems strange given I obviously can’t plus an ANT+ into the iPad…



Right, with my Pro, I first had to pair it as a power source, then it allowed e to pair as a cadence meter. I was still unable to pair as a controllable device, but once I started riding the controllable element just paired itself and it all worked fine.

very strange behaviour but it eventually worked!!

It even linked up quite well with zwift mobile…

Phil - are you sure you can actually control it?


I have a Bkool pro and have been pushing Bkool to open their bluetooth protocol to allow 3rd party software to control it. I can connect it to Zwift IOS, but only as a power source (not controllable) - so I currently use my laptop and an ANT dongle.