BKOOL - again

Hi everybody,
did anyone here manage to get an connection as a controllable device from an iPad to a Bkool Smart Pro 2 trainer?
My Setup:

  • iPad 2018 / iPhone 8
  • Apple Lightning to 30pin-Adapter
  • Wahoo Ant+ Dongle
  • Bkool Smart Pro 2

In the Bkool App the trainer can be connected via Ant fe-c, in zwift i cant find it as a controllable device. Am i doing sth wrong or is it bkools fault?

Howdy Danny!

B-Kool does have a proprietary ANT+FEC protocol that will prevent you from using it until it is fully paid off. Not sure if this applies to you.

If you want to please submit a support ticket about this, we would love to dig into this issue for you!

Here is a link to our page to submit a support ticket!

Hi Eathan,
thanks for your reply. I found a „solution“ and bought another trainer :smiley:
Anyway, best regards