4iiii HRM or NPE Cable

Looking for feedback from Zwifters on either of the 2 devices as I’m struggling with the limitation of BT devices on ATV. 

I have a Kickr, Wahoo HRM & Wahoo Cadence sensor I want to connect to ATV. I was using the Companion app to connect the 4th device but it only works when it feels like it & takes me an age to get it going. Sick of it not connecting & having to shut off the app, shut off BT, try again etc etc etc. By the time I’ve got everything running I can’t be bothered any more!

The 4iiii & the NPE cable seem to be the only 2 options at the minute so interested to hear what everyone is using & how they find them. 

Ride On. 

Hi Ian,

I’ve been using the NPE CABLE for almost a year and a half.  No issues, and it has worked great for my HRM and cadence sensors.  I used it first with an iPad, and I’ve been using it with the AppleTV since the Zwift tvOS beta release opened last year.

Ride on!

Hi Phil.

Exactly what I wanted to hear thanks!

The CABLE is the cheaper option of the 2 but I also like the ease of just putting on the 4iii once it’s all set up & just riding.

At the minute the faffing around with the Companion app is driving me nuts!

The sooner Apple make more BT connections available with ATV the better.

Thanks for the suggestion Phil! 

We are working out some technical issues with the Apple TV version of Zwift, so we apologize for the connection issues Ian. I will say in the meantime that we have aZwift Companion troubleshooting guide that may help you keep a more consistent connection. Let us know if it helps out! 

Hi Vincent. 

Many thanks for the reply. 

I actually really like the ZCA as it allows you interact with Zwift far easier than using the Apple remote in game. However using it as an extra BT connection is very very hit & miss IMO. Sometimes everything will connect 1st time & I can just jump on and ride, other times it just won’t play ball & I have to keep restarting devices, switching BT on & off etc etc which is incredibly time consuming & frustrating. I just want to fire up the game & ride!

i appreciate  of course you can only play with the cards you’re dealt & the ball is firmly in Apples court with regard to the limitation of BT connections on ATV & you’ve done your best to get a workaround with ZCA but in my experience it’s just not stable enough hence the reason for me asking the question. 

If I could avoid buying another product that would be ideal but at the moment I fear once winter comes & I’m using Zwift more often I will be left with little choice  

Please please Apple allow just 1 extra BT connection to keep us Zwifters happy!

I understand what you mean Ian! Zwift Companion is constantly updated to be better optimized for your device, so hopefully you’ll be able to connect to it without very little issue. :) 

You should contact Apple support and let them know what you think too!