NPE CABLE adapter

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #1

Is it just me … or is the Cable config app on the iPhone incredibly poorly designed (I was going to use harsher words, but thought better of it)?

I just got a cable so I can use my Apple TV with Zwift without needing the companion app (which is twitchy for me).

I can’t get the app to work at all. After the initial scan for ANT+ devices, it keeps looping displaying “Fetching cable info”.

Quite frustrated with it. I’ve had it a total of 20 minutes and I’m ready to return it to clever training.

(Barb Jaeger) #2

Contact NPE customer support. They were very responsive and helpful when I was setting mine up. I’ve used it for a couple years since without issue. (In case this is helpful for you: I’ve used mine successfully with AppleTV, but typically use it to connect to an iPad with Garmin HR strap, Garmin footpod, Tacx.)

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #3

I sent a note using the ‘contact us’ page. Not sure that will go to support.

The app just seems incredibly flaky and difficult to use.


(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #4

How do you contact NPE support? I send a message to their info address and used the contact us form, but haven’t gotten a reply.


(Barb Jaeger) #5

I messaged you with the contact info I used to connect with NPE support.