NPE CABLE adapter

Is it just me … or is the Cable config app on the iPhone incredibly poorly designed (I was going to use harsher words, but thought better of it)?

I just got a cable so I can use my Apple TV with Zwift without needing the companion app (which is twitchy for me).

I can’t get the app to work at all. After the initial scan for ANT+ devices, it keeps looping displaying “Fetching cable info”.

Quite frustrated with it. I’ve had it a total of 20 minutes and I’m ready to return it to clever training.

Contact NPE customer support. They were very responsive and helpful when I was setting mine up. I’ve used it for a couple years since without issue. (In case this is helpful for you: I’ve used mine successfully with AppleTV, but typically use it to connect to an iPad with Garmin HR strap, Garmin footpod, Tacx.)

I sent a note using the ‘contact us’ page. Not sure that will go to support.

The app just seems incredibly flaky and difficult to use.


How do you contact NPE support? I send a message to their info address and used the contact us form, but haven’t gotten a reply.


I messaged you with the contact info I used to connect with NPE support.

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Exact same problem. Used the button Progress Details and found that it loads 8-14 sensor details before failing and starting again. Did you get anywhere with NPE?

Yeah … finally. Took them quite a while to respond.

They think the unit is defective (no duh) and suggest replacing it. Because I purchased through clever training, I have to go through them for an exchange.

I suspect I won’t have a new unit until the new year.

I’ll PM you the person I contacted at NPE about it.


I use the NPE cable device w ATV. I agree the setup is cryptic at best. I think I looked up you tube videos. The latest firmware upgrade and mine is quite stable. NPE is a tiny company but they were responsive and answered email and talked me through some difficulties w setup on the phone. The confusing part for me was assigning sensors. Finally realized to let my wahoo snap talk directly to ATV and use Cable only to collect the HR and cadence sensors. ATV allows 3 Bluetooth inputs. One is the remote, one is CABLE and last is WAHOO.

When you get a new unit NPE will help… but Yes, frustrating when setup isn’t obvious

Good luck


Actually, I can figure out the setup. It was going fine until the app went crazy.

Check it out.

Hopefully a replacement will work better.