Apple TV, ANT+ Bridge

I am new to Zwift, coming from TR. Today was my first attempt to connect. After a few choice words and two cups of coffee I realized my power meter and speed sensor was ANT+.
I did a google and found a few suggestions, mainly NPE Cord or Wyur. Before I get out the CC and buy something, I was looking for some feedback. My hardware is
P2M Type S power meter
Garmin GSC10 speed sensor.
Scosche HRM
ATV 4K running the Zwift APP.
I am using a dumb trainer. So does the Wyur really connect all devices and then connect right to Zwift on the APTV?

I can’t tell you about the CORD or Wyur, but I used to use the CABLE ( Convert Ant to BLE ) It was also made by NPE.
I used it for years with AppleTV and Zwift.
It was brilliant.
I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the NPE products.

I have the Cable as well, and it connects to my AppleTV without issues. It was a bit of a pain to setup initially in the Cable app, but once that was done it works great.