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Hi all…im new to Zwift and currently buying some hardware to set it all up. My TV is on the olderside, its not smart. It does have HDMI and usb ports.
I am wondering if i can use an apple TV to stream swift but use a Tacx ANT+ device to connect my Neo 2 trainer, cadence, HR etc…
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Apple TV is Bluetooth only, but your trainer can broadcast power/cadence/control directly to it. Leaving a slot free for your HRM.

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Thanks for your reply Dave. Does that mean that you cant use Apple TV to connect zwift to the TV and Ant + for the sensors ?

The Apple TV can only receive Bluetooth. To use ANT+ you’d need to collect the signals to a separate Bluetooth device first. Your trainer broadcasts over Bluetooth though, so just use that.


Correct, Apple TV only uses bluetooth. Apple TV also only allows for 3 connections, one of them being the remote control (which most people struggle with on Zwift to navigate the menus). The other two are open for the trainer and/or HRM.

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Hi @Paul_Murphy4

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What device is currently connected to the TV.

doesn’t sound like he has anything yet?

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Cheers mike…appreciate the info.

Hi Gerrie, cheers for the reply. So this is what I have…
I bought a new Neo Tacx 2T the other day and will be hooking it up to a relatively old LG tele. I just got a Apple TV 4k but i was also thinking did i need an ANT + dongle that Tacx make.
My lodgic was that becacuse the TV doesnt have blue tooth or wfi / aps etc…and the apple TV only allows 3 bluetooth devices including the remote it wouldn’t be enough. So i was hoping I could load Zwift through the apple TV and connect all my sensors via the Tacx Ant+.
I might be way off but inassumed that each of the sensors on the tacx for measuring watts, cadence etc would need their own dedicated blue tooth channel.
Thanks again all…apprecite the advice.

You should be all set to start riding! Have you tried it yet?

Yeah your Neo sends all three elements of data including the two-way comms for interactive resistance control (so you can feel hills and different road surfaces) over one connection.


As Dave says you don’t need anything extra.

Power/cadence will be sent in one channel from NEO leaving 2nd channel to add heart rate monitor.

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if you need more than the 2 bluetooth ( plus remote) ( i have power pedals, trainer and hrm) yiu can use the companion app, which takes in bluetooth sensors and re-transmits on one BT channel

That’s hat i assumed, turbo for speed/power/candence, but for some reason it will not show HRM at all!

If you’re on Apple TV then make sure your HRM supports Bluetooth. Because some HRMs only do ANT+ and the ATV doesn’t support that.

It definately supports BT as it’s working on Zwift too

If your HRM is BT, and it’s working on Zwift, what issue is it that you are having?

Sorry, been looking through a lot of post and thought the original topic was regarding Fulgaz.

So Zwift works and Fulgaz only shows power/speed/cadence, connect all to my Kickr Core and HR is not showing at all

What HRM are you using? And are you saying it doesn’t show up in the pairing menu of FulGaz, but that you have no issues when using Zwift? Are you force-closing Zwift after each use?

It’s a Wahoo Tickr Fit (armband). It works indeed with Zwift no issues and the HRM line won’t show up at all in Fulgaz.

No, I’m not force closing. Should i? If so how do i do this? I just use the menu button to return to the Apple TV main menu