ANT+ and Apple TV

I use Elite Arian Smart B rollers and the resistance control requires an ANT+ connection. How can I make this connection if Apple TV only supports BLE? Can I use something like the 4iiii Innovations V100 viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor V100 to convert the ANT+ signal to BLE?

Yep. Some people also use the CABLE:

The CABLE will be a single BT connection to Zwift but with multiple services, one for each of the ANT+ devices it is rebroadcasting (e.g., HRM, cadence, whatever).

Scott B:

I bought a CABLE based on this comment (above) which meant (to me) that Zwift on AppleTV would accept data from:

Wahoo Kickr Snap ble/ant+

Wahoo TickrX ble/ant+

Garmin speed/cadence sensor Ant+

In the ATV Zwift app there is a pairing screen for power, control, HR and cadence – 4 separate data streams (?).

When I try to pair my three devices AppleTV reports “ATV only accepts two ble connections” (or something like that).

What am I doing wrong (or did I misunderstand your post? i.e. ‘single connection with multiple services’

Scott B - just guessing but I wonder if the the AppleTV is trying to connect to the CABLE and also directly to the Kickr Snap and TickrX via BTLE (3 BTLE connections) rather than consolidating all three services under the CABLE* and have Zwift connect to that. It should be possible to manually pair/un-pair BT connections on tvOS so we could try explicitly un-pairing the Wahoo devices and just leave the CABLE paired. Something like Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth , select the Wahoo sensors and then select Forget Device…  i’ve not got a tvOS device to experiment with, so those paths may well be wrong.


* Could be the BT connections are managed further down the stack and tvOS just can’t cope with that situation.

I am also having a glitch with Apple TV and the Cycleops Magnus trainer.

The Apple TV is not sending the resistance to the Trainer.  I do not feel any of the climbs like I did when I used my laptop and a ANT+ usb receiver.

I have the

Cycleops Magnus Trainer

Wahoo Bluetooth Cadence Sensor

Scosche Bluetooth/ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor.

The Apple Tv only connects to two of them.  I tried to use the Zwift Connect on my iPhone so that it would see all three and then connect to apple tv but still no resistance to the trainer.  The Speed / Cadence / Heart Rate does show up on the Screen of the iPhone and the Apple TV just no resistance. 

I recently bought the apple TV (next gen) and downloaded the zwift app.  First off - I cannot get it to connect to anything but my KICKR - not HR, not cadence.  And the remote (perhaps also an apple problem) absolutely sucks and the mobile version no longer offers the same level of customization/control.  I could not get my garmin hr to switch to bluetooth and so the hr did not record either.  

Just read your post Jenny.

Garmin heart rate straps use ANT+ and, as such, Apple TV won’t be able to pick them up directly. 

What cadence sensor are you using? If it’s also a Garmin then it also transmits in ANT+ and your Apple TV won’t know it’s there. 

There are a few solutions to this but it’ll mean buying new hardware. 

One (probably the most straightforward) option is to buy an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge. You can read relevant details at the bottom of this page.

I use the 4iiii Viiiiva heart strap and find it okay. It has the odd ‘dead moment’ and can be a pain to get connected initially on their app (using an Android phone) but it’s generally pretty decent once it is all running. 

Sorry if I’m going over stuff you already know. Hopefully you’ve got it all sorted out by now anyway. 


i have an problem which i can’t figure out; on apple TV.

my setup:

  • kickr

  • wahoo tickr Hrm

  • stages bike power meter

when trying to connect all three to apple TV, i hit the 2 device connection; and sometimes switch to the mobile app (over bluetooth). unfortunately, while it usually work for a while, it has issues (power drop, loss of connection between mobile app and server, etc).

So one options would be to use apple TV with:

  • kickr as power

  • kickr as controllable trainer

  • tickr as hrm

  • kickr as cadence sensor (As it supports cadence)

When in the tvOS (apple TV) zwift app; i can select kickr for power & control, tickr for hrm but Kickr never shows up as a cadence option. ever. so i can not get cadence…

But when i look at the mobile app (Same setup, nothing connected to the mobile app directly, all BT going through apple TV), I see power, HRM AND cadence (despite me being unable to select any cadence source…). I never see cadence in zwift, just in the mobile link app.