Apple TV 4k sensors

My ATV is not picking up my sensors for power or heart rate.  It is not an issue with too many data sources.  Any ideas why?  Thank you


Make sure they are not connected to any other device or app since Bluetooth can only connect to one thing at a time.

Thanks. There are no other devices connected. I have one device listed as an option but it is not connected.

OK, are your sensors for power and heart rate connected to anything else?

Nope, don’t think so.  If Bluetooth on my iphone is on and that is in range could that disrupt the signal?



No, but if your sensors are connected to your phone they will not connect to the AppleTV.

They are not

Are the sensors Bluetooth or ANT+ (Make and model of sensors would help).

Sensors are Stages powermeter and Wahoo tickr hrt. Both bkuetooth

Did you “wake up” the sensors before trying to pair them.

Also, have you check to see if there are any updates for your ATV.

are you trying to connect from within Zwift, or from within the AppleTV’s bluetooth settings?

From within Zwift

I got the same problem with my stage PM. It does NOT connect with ATV. I use Stage PM  for cadence and when I run Zwift my IPAD (IOS), the stage PM connects straight away. Not sure why it doen’t work the same way with the ATV.

By the way, Yahoo Kick (for power) and Wahoo HRM connect with ATV with no problem.

I did factory reset on ATV and check for latest firmware but that did not fix the problem. I also have been reading in other blogs that you can connect additional BTE devices through the ZML but I can’t manage to get that working either… 

Any thoughts?



Hi Tomas. Thanks for your thoughts. Sam experience on my end. No ideas


I have exactly the same. Unable to pair my Elite Rampa HT with ATV. Works fine directly with iPad.

FYI: I have an ATV (4th generation) not 4k. Do I need an ATV 4k? or it works for both?



 Not. sure about operability with previous version of ATV. I’ve heard it works but not as well,whatever that means


It’s possible to install Zwift on it. So, I suppose it should works.

But pairing doesn’t work. : - (

I have the same problem. I am unable to pair my Elite Qubo Digital Smart b+ to my Apple TV 4K. It recognises all my other devices but not the smart trainer.  The Bluetooth pairing however works perfectly when using PC or IOS. I have reported the issue to Zwift but waiting for an answer. 

Update on my earlier post. Zwift Support asked me to do a complete uninstall and then reinstall the latest Zwift tvOS app. Now working perfectly. 

Great.  I’ll try it