Using iOS and wahoo dongle to transmit ant+ data to BLE for the Apple TV to read

I have a ATV 4K Tacx neo, which works great but I’d like take ant+ data from other devices and convert for ATV/Zwift to use.
I have a wahoo dongle/lightning 30 pin connector and want to use my iPhone to read the ant+ data and broadcast it to ATV as BLE.
I assume this should be possible as the iPhone can read the ant+ data and can transmit BLE (via the Zwift companion for example) but I can’t seem to find a way to do it.
Any ideas.
(I don’t want to buy a Cable NPE or 4iii converter as I already have the dongle which in my head should do the same thing, the missing link is just software or an app)

It is currently not possible to use the ZCA to bridge an ANT+ signal even if you have an ANT+ dongle in your iPhone. You would need CABLE or a 4iiii HRM to bridge an ANT+ signal.

Will the CABLE bridge all ant+ devices simultaneously to a single bluetooth channel, such that it would enable you to have more than just 2 devices paired to the apple tv?

You would need to contact CABLE for that question.

@Ean You can’t use the ANT+ dongle w/the companion app. You’ll need either the Viiiiva HRM or the NPE Cable as suggested by Paul. I personally use the Viiiiva HRM w/an AppleTV 4K to get my power and cadence which are both ANT+ into Zwift. It works great!

@Paul_Allen I am reasonably sure that the Viiiiva uses a single Bluetooth connection to transmit multiple channels (power, HR, etc.,) However, I am not sure about the Cable implementation.

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Are you referring to the Wahoo 30pin fitness key? If so, it is no longer supported on Apple. I think after iOS 11.2, the firmware stopped recognizing it.

Thanks for that Paul, I figured as much, I’m hoping there is some other software out there that will do it as this is purely a software issue.
Basically I’m just looking for a way to transmit BLE data gathered by iOS (via the 30pin dongle).
I don’t need help regarding the dongle I know it works, nor do I need information on Cable or 4iii products thanks, the purpose of this thread is to avoid buying one of these splendid items.

Currently there are no other alternatives besides the ones that have already been given on this thread.

:frowning: thanks Paul

Yes, the CABLE will combine multiple ANT+ sensors into a single BLE stream for the Apple TV. When using an Apple TV 4k instead of my laptop, I pair my Kickr (as a controllable trainer only) with the ATV and then pair my Quarq (ANT+ only) power meter and HR strap to the Cable, which then sends HR, Bike Power & Cadence to the ATV on a single channel.

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