Wahoo Elemnt as Ant+ converter for Apple TV

Hi there, new to the forums and Zwift and I already lost my Ant+ dongle (doh)

Has anyone successfully used a Wahoo Elemnt Roam to convert their Ant+ signals for apple TV? Im not even sure how I would get that all running but I’d prefer to not spend more cash on a converter if possible!


  • Ben

Hi @Benjamin_Feldstein, welcome to the forums.

I don’t think the Wahoo will transmit a signal, it only can receive them. You can use your smart phone to bridge the signal however utilizing the Zwift Companion App.


Only the NPE CABLE and the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM can be used to bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth.

Im gonna give that a shot, thanks Mike - Sounds like in theory it should be a go! Cheers

So using the companion app couldnt work?

Sorry, forgot to mention that the companion app will only bridge the signal via bluetooth, what trainer or sensors are you using? Do they broadcast in Bluetooth as well?

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So I am using a Wahoo Kickr with all the trimmings (cadence, speed, HR) and a Quarq SRAM red - I can use the Kickr as my power meter but I have found it a little less accurate than the Quarq - hence the Ant+ thing.

The concept 2 rower will also work as a bridge for Heart rate monitors.

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