1st time set up to Apple TV

(Chris Folise) #1

 Looking for help and can;t find any answers. I want to connect my Garmin Speed/cadence sensors (Ant+ only) to Apple TV, using my “dumb” Kinetic trainer.

I looked at the dongle, but what do you plug it in to?

There is no USB connection on an Apple TV. 

Any suggestions are appreciated.

(Paul Allen) #2

You would need something like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal to the ATV.

(Steven D) #3

Hi Chris,

Zwift includes partial support for ANT+ on iOS or TvOS, the exception being that you cannot get controlled resistance from a smart trainer. If you’re planning on using ANT+ on iOS or TvOS, you have a few different options to bridge the signal:

  1. The Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor
  2. The NPE Cable : You can find a helpful setup video HERE

You can find more information on this subject here in our knowledge base article.