Need Help Pairing Garmin Heart Rate Strap with Zwift

I know this seems to be a recurring theme, but rather than try to sift through other posts where people have had similar problems, but maybe not similar equipment, I thought I would ask for help in tackling my specific problem.

My setup:

  • Apple TV
  • Apple TV Remote
  • Tacx Neo Smart (newest version)
  • Garmin Vector 3 pedals
  • Garmin Heart Rate Strap
  • Garmin Edge 520 (I know I don’t need this for Zwift to work)

The Vectors pair up fine and can choose to record power either by the Tacx Neo or by the Vectors. Vectors and Tacx Neo also both provide cadence. Everything pairs up fine except I cannot get a reading from the HR strap. I know the strap is working because it pairs fine to my Garmin 520 and gives me HR.  But it will not show up on Zwift through the Apple TV.  I thought the HR strap would pair to Tacx Neo and then could be read by Apple TV through Bluetooth but maybe I’m wrong about that.

Do I need to get a CABLE to bridge the HR strap as I’ve seen suggested or am I doing something wrong?  Thanks in advance. 


Garmin devices broadcast in ANT+ only, so yes, you would need CABLE to bridge the connection to the ATV.

The Neo does not act as a bridge for anything, just to let you know.


Thanks Paul. Succinctly answers the question. I appreciate it.

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Hi Ed,

Most Garmin devices are typically ANT+ compatible only as Paul already mentioned, but you actually have a few different options to bridge the signal.

NOTE: Zwift includes partial support for ANT+ on iOS/TvOS, the exception being you cannot get controlled resistance from any smart trainer paired with this method. 

If you’re planning on using ANT+ on iOS/TvOS, you’ll need one of these 2 devices:

  • The Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor: As a heart rate monitor itself, this device would eliminate the need to use your Garmin Heart Rate strap at all and it would give you the flexibility of being able to pair other ANT+ devices to your Apple TV. 
  • The NPE CABLE: They published an article on their site promoting the cable as “Perfect for Zwift on Apple TV”. 

You can find more information on this subject here in our knowledge base article


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