Apple tv/zwift/garmin

Hi any help much appreciated I’ve just set up my tacx neo t2 on apple tv all works fine i understand i can only connect 3 devices through the apple tv so i need to connect my garmin 235 heart rate and have been told i do this by zwift companion app but when i pair through the app its doesn’t recognise my watch im not sure if its anything to do with garmin uses ant + and Bluetooth can anybody help

The Garmin Forerunner 235 does not support heart rate broadcast via Bluetooth. In the Forerunner series, you need a 245 to get that feature. The Apple TV does not support ANT+.

If you want an inexpensive arm band HRM I recommend the Coospo HW706.


Seconding Coospo as a brand, but rather the chest strap H808s as you’ll get 6-12 months per battery instead of a week of use per charge like the armband variety.

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