Zwift Running - Consistent speed dropouts (ZR7 + NPE Cable + iPad)

Hi guys,

Hoping someone can help as its becoming quite annoying now. I’ve got an Octane Fitness ZR7 setup. When I pair the sensor to my Garmin (Fenix 5S Plus) and record a run, it works fine. When I pair it via the NPE Cable device via my iPad for Zwift, I get a consistently timed dropout for my speed and cadence.

As advised, I don’t see this behavior if I pair it directly to my Garmin, but my Garmin can’t transmit to my iPad - hence the NPE Cable. The HR never seems to present this behavior though?

I’ve changed the batteries in both the ZR7 and the NPE, ensured that both devices have the latest firmware and bought a new Garmin HRM DUAL to pair directly but this hasn’t made any difference.

My husband has tried with his iPad and he gets the same issue. Aside from bringing my iMac upstairs and setting it up to try and wheeling the spin bike out of the room, I’m running short on ideas as to what else I can try / should do?