Garmin Watch Losing Signal

I have a Garmin Fenix 7X which I have used with Zwift for a long time without issue. Recently Zwift has started saying “No Signal” a few minutes into an activity. Initial connection is fine, even after losing signal the phone still sees the watch fine. It just stops sending data to Zwift. The watch works fine with my Concept2 rower and my Garmin HRM Dual works fine with Zwift. It’s just I often prefer to use the watch, particularly for runs as it also sends step/cadence data where the chest strap doesn’t.

Has something changed recently?
Is there anything I might try? Everything is fully up to date.

Thanks in advance.

Are you pairing it as a virtual device?

Same issue with Fr955. I’m using it as a HR data via BLE to Zwift on Ipad. Zwift loose HR after exactly 5 minutes, I need to stop and start broadcasting data on watch every 5 minutes. Headwind or Edge 830 works without any problems.

I’ll pair mine via BT using broadcast HR mode shortly for my daily run to see what happens.

*** Couldn’t get mine working, I’ve a new smart treadmill and the watch just wanted to pair the HR to that act it wasn’t coming through to Zwift ***

I’ll try tomorrow and pair my watch before the treadmill is turned on.

All I do, all I’ve ever done, is go to Virtual Run on my watch then Zwift can see it (I don’t use Companion, just connect directly to Zwift). It pairs fine. It even stays paired. Just after a while it’ll say no signal and I lose HR and cadence data.

I’ve been trying different things, still no luck. Lately I’ve reverted to my Garmin HRM Dual for HR data. It stays connected fine. I use my Fenix 7 for Cadence data. Pretty much always disconnects. Very frustrating.