Turbo trainer Connectivity issues and Runn Device drops

Just looking for some advice or to find out if anyone else is having similar issues with device connectivity to an IOS IPad of IPhone.

When using my elite zumo trainer with a Bluetooth connection to my IPad the device either doesn’t seem to want to connect or once connected the turbo trainer is practically unmovable. It’s like the turbo is stuck in max resistance and no matter how many times I disconnect and re connect this doesn’t seem to change.

Similarly when using the Zwift Runn device after around 30-35 mins the device and workout plan has complete drops in connection for around 30seconds to 1 minute. This has also been down to a Bluetooth connection issue I assume.

The last few times Iv turned off everything off inclining all phones and anything Bluetooth connection. But it has continued to have the same issues with both the turbo and the runn.

Today I decided to launch my HR monitor across the room which I usually wear and the turbo seem to connect first time when the HR monitor isn’t connected…

Could all these issues be down to just the HR monitor? Or is there something more serious going on?

Any advice or help would be appreciated.