Runn sensor problem

Hi. I’ve upgraded from the runpod to the runn that fits on the treadmill rather than your trainer shoe.
Works ok and seems more accurate, but when you’ve completed your run and look at data it shows it’s dropping out on the graphs.
Any ideas how to fix this.

Are you noticing any dropouts when running?

Is it speed or cadence that’s dropping?

I have looked at your CA activity and think that the drop outs you mention are on your cadence only.

I have a RUNN and have it fitted at the back of my treadmill. It has been excellent but I know that once I start walking at 4mph or less then my cadence records as zero. (If I run very heavy footed at 4mph it will pick up my cadence but I obviously choose not to run like that )

I see that as you are starting to run a bit faster then your cadence is being, almost constantly, picked up and remaining fairly steady. At slower speeds you are losing the cadence reading.

In my case I suspect that as I walk I am at the front of the treadmill and also not putting in enough downward pressure to make the treadmill or treadmill belt ‘bounce’ or whatever motion is needed for the RUNN to pick up my cadence. I had thought about moving my RUNN to the front of the treadmill alongside where my foot strikes the belt but firstly I can’t be bothered to test it there and secondly if I do need to step off/jump off the treadmill in a hurry that is exactly where my foot will land.

Others who have no cadence drop outs with their RUNN may be able to let us know where they have theirs positioned.


Good write up and yes you are entirely accurate in that at lower speeds with the RUNN mounted at the rear it can struggle with cadence.

This is entirely dependent on the structure of the treadmill and how much vibration is felt upon each stride.

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That makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for looking into it for me. I like things to be working well and couldn’t understand why this was happening. Im thinking maybe a new treadmill that links 100% to Zwift , but this cadence loss isn’t a biggie.
Many thanks to all who replied

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