N.P.E. Runn

Wanted to try running in Zwift but after reading all the runpod issues, knew I didn’t have the patience for any of that. Just got the North Pole Engineering Runn and it works great! I’ve only logged a handful of miles but so far no problems at all. No dropouts and easy onetime setup, then it just worked. Nice and steady pace & speed. Calibrated nicely with and matches what my machine indicates. Apple TV / Bluetooth on a Precor mill. Also have a Wahoo HR monitor connected but use the companion app to connect due to Apple TV Bluetooth channel limits.

Thanks for the feedback. I just ordered mine and am looking forward to consistent speed!

Any idea if Zwift will be doing anything with the incline being transmitted by the RUNN?

What do you think can or should be done?

Runn incline should be used with workouts a bit like ERG mode for cycling but with Zwift showing what you should be doing vs what you’re actually doing. Clearly not really the same since there is no closed loop control but Zwift workouts should suggest hills and the the Runn shows if you’re really doing it or not.

Include it in the .FIT file being recorded by Zwift (I assume it does not but may be wrong. Ray Maker mentioned that Zwift did not do anything with this data in his little review). If it is included in the .FIT it could be used with other third party applications to derive other metrics that runners could use.

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Thank you for the feedback.
Could you please give more details about the way you attach the device?
Could this device be used at gym? Actually could it be easily attached and removed after each run?

I would not suggest moving it or taking it to the gym since it is attached using adhesive strip and that would lose it’s stickiness over time.

Yes, we need incline integration. Such that Zwift does the following:

  • logs incline data in the FIT file (so the elevation gain is logged)
  • certifies whether or not your run really adhered to the incline characteristics of the route (incline certified)
  • (another post of mine), for Stryd footpod power users, re-calculates the incline-corrected power

Anyone having issues with drops between the Runn and Zwift? I’m running the game on a new Apple TV. The sensor worked well for a few days then started dropping. I recalibrated using the NPE instructions and it worked again for a couple of runs. It’s now back to dropping out about once a minute. Anyone else seeing this same issue?

I just did my first run with the Runn yesterday and it kept dropping, about twice a minute as well. Very frustrating. I think I lost some distance with all the stops over my 5.5 mile run.

If anyone figures this out I’d love to hear. It also didn’t record my steps.

Same problem, the Runn cadence is either zero or it drops out every few seconds, depending on where I put the unit on the treadmill.

I had the same problems on my first run with this, cadence would drop to 0 then start up again. Since then I’ve done another 3 or 4 runs and haven’t had any issues and I’ve not changed anything in my set up. Connected to Apple tv and wahoo hr strap. Will keep an eye on it tho.

My experience with the Runn treadmill sensor hasn’t been so positive unfortunately.

Transmitted pace 0.6 mile a minute off compared to my calibrated Garmin foot pod (0.5 compared to my treadmills displayed speed), no cadence data sent to Zwift at all and intermittent consistency.

I didn’t want to calibrate the Runn to the treadmill’s pace as treadmills are well known to be inaccurate when it comes to pace anyway and I hoped the Runn would improve upon that.

A problem with the installation, the specific set up i.e. my treadmill, my running specific gait/style - quite possibly.

Not for me though I’m sad to say.

I’ve also had some issues with numerous (at least 50) drops during a 15km run on Zwift using Runn. I did not experience this on prior runs. I think it might be due to the fact that I replaced the Runn provided stickers with painted marks on the belt. Not sure why this would have an effect but perhaps it does. I was using Bluetooth as connection to Zwift on a PC and simultaneously ANT+ on my Garmin watch. Both recorded the dropouts.

Got my RUNN module today, and am having a few issues.

It started okay, got it fixed to the treadmill and it paired to my Android phone first time. Ran through the calibration, all good so far. About an hour later I tried my first run.

This time I couldn’t see the RUNN in the device connection screen. I moved the phone around, held it really close to the RUNN, then occasionally it found the device, but then immediately lost connection again.

Eventually I found a place in the room where it seemed to connect via Bluetooth okay, so I started my first run, and after two minutes my runner just stopped, lost connection again! My phone was no nowhere near my treadmill so I carried on with my run whilst my runner was just stood still on the track. Great. :frowning:

So the main issue is that the Zwift app will just not reliably connect to the RUNN.

I am at the same time casting my phone screen to my TV, so am wondering if the phone is under too much workload to maintain the Bluetooth connection, I might try while not connected to the TV.

I also thought that maybe using ANT+ would be better, but the RUNN did not seem to show up as ANT+, I’m not sure if this is available on Android?

Any suggestions please??

From NPE RUNN FAQ: https://npe-inc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038799731

Basic LED Meanings

When looking from the side with the white button:

  • Left LED - On when BLE is connected
  • Middle LED - On when USB powered
  • Right LED - On when ANT radio is active
    Double tap to turn ANT radio on/off

I just purchased my new Runn sensor, I have had no problem pairing it with Zwift. The speed measurement is correct according to what my treadmill marks. However, it does not collect cadence data, I have followed the instructions for installation but on the screen I always see the cadence at 0. How can I make this work?

Cadence for the NPE RUNN is still in beta.

I believe you need to connect the cadence through the ZCA to get it to work correctly.

What is the meaning of ZCA?