Runn sensor - does incline make it through to Strava?

Hi all - I’ve been enjoying a bit of Zwift running over the past few days using a combination of iPhone/TV and the Treadmill Smart Speed app. It’s a bit clunky but using the app means that, as well as the speed, I get the incline and therefore feet climbed into Strava.

I’m looking at the Runn Sensor to make things quite a bit slicker but am not sure if the incline will make it through to my Strava feed. Can anyone confirm?

Incline makes it from my Runn onto strava but it’s way out. For instance I ran 3 miles today on a 1% incline and its given me an elevation gain of 774ft. At 0% incline my treadmill is dead level so it’s not that. All my treadmill runs have huge elevation gains according to Runn :man_shrugging:

my runn gives accurate incline, matching up within 1-2% of what treadmill says. i record activity on zwift, which is sent to strava and elevation shows up there. ONLY if i use bluetooth though, doesn’t work through ANT+ (i was told an update would fix this, but not yet) . it is accurate for bigger elevation changes, i dont think it will really know the difference between 0 and 1% on the treadmill, i think each foot strike would deflect the actual level of the treadmill by a percentage point. to previous poster, check that Runn is actually level in the cradle, as if it is off by one notch on one side, it will be falsely inclined.

Have you tried running with the treadmill at 0 to see if you still see any incline recorded. You could also download the GymTrakr app as this will let you see the incline of the Runn to see if it is level. My treadmill is levelled but I struggle to get the Runn to ever show 0.

Cheers for that :+1: this is what it’s showing, and as you can see it is pretty much bang on level. The runn unit is also sitting square in its holder (3rd notch down both sides) so I’m guessing some sort of calibration is in order.

The problem is that if you calibrate the Runn it will wipe out the factory calibration for the speed as well. I am hoping they come out with a firmware update that allows you to simply 0 the incline once installed on the TM. You could try adjusting the unit in the cradle until it reads closer to 0. One notch up on one side seems to be about 3-4 degrees.

Cheers, I’ll try moving it a notch on one side. Although it’s not a deal breaker for me tbh, pace and distance are much more important :+1:

Think there’s actually a significant problem (perhaps with the latest firmware) on the incline % reported by the Runn sensor. Mine is calibrated nicely at 8kph and 0% incline, but then as I actually run on the belt and go up in speed the % incline reported goes way off - averaging about 3-4% above actual incline.

I’ve raised a ticket with NPE and they said they’re looking at the issue.

Mine was delivered yesterday and it’s definitely being generous on the incline so I’ll look at calibrating it and see if I can get it more accurate.