Runn incline

Hi all, just received my Runn and calibrated it using the app. The run speed is spot on but don’t know what to expect on the incline. Should the incline indicator on top right of the screen show what level my treadmill is at ? Thanks

Incline is irrelevant when using the Runn with Zwift. Zwift does not record your elevation when running. If you want you can manually set your incline on the treadmill to match that which Zwift is stating.

Or you could spend a few pounds/dollars/euros to purchase QZ Domyos which dependant on your treadmill model can offer you auto incline of your treadmill to match Zwift.

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Hi unfortunately it doesn’t show on screen during Zwift but when it’s linked to external accounts eg Strava etc, you will get the incline data then. It also works for Strava incline challenges. Hope that helps.

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