RUNN elevation calculation

One month into using my RUNN and I’ve been super happy. Pacing has matched well with what my treadmill is saying and it’s been very consistent connection wise. Just wondering if any one else is getting absurd elevation calculations on the data exports. Even if I run on the may field with 0.0 elevation on the treadmill it records something like 1,000m per hour of running when the workout gets sent to strava and peaks. I contacted zwift tech support and I was told there was nothing that could be done. Wondering if it’s my unit or if there might be a firmware upgrade to fix the issue.

20.79km run today had 1,541m of elevation for example.

I noticed the same thing even though my treadmill reads -0.5 and it’s zero when using a level.

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Hi @Brad_Reiter_teamLPC welcome to Zwift forums!

Thanks for flagging that up to us, and I see the support email conversation you had. The power of the forum is such that it’s easier to see hidden issues when others corroborate. We’ll investigate, thank you.

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@Brad_Reiter_teamLPC would you please confirm that you’ve checked your treadmill deck with a bubble level (either phone app or actual tool)?

@Paul_Allen Where does the -0.5 read? On the treadmill display, or in the game app?


The RUNN elevation comes from the treadmill incline, not the in-game terrain. So several questions:

  1. Please verify with a bubble level that the tread deck is indeed level.
  2. Please verify that the RUNN itself is installed level on that level deck. If the RUNN is mounted askew, then it will read as though you were on an incline.

1541 / 2079 meters = 7.4% gradient = 4.2 degrees. A bump in the adhesive mounting tape can tilt the RUNN unit 4 degrees. Would you check these things and let us know what you find?

Before each run I verify that the treadmill deck is level by putting a 4 foot level on it. When I do this my treadmill reads -0.5.

I will check to ensure that the Runn is not askew.

hello friend! i have the same issue. Nothing help. Whats more - when i connect by bluetooth (by speed sensor and footpod) it showing impossible too big incline (i run flat in real) , cadence and right speed when and when i connect by ant plus ( both too - speed and footpod) it showing only speed, no cadence, no incline. Whats wrong?

Hello @Krzysiek_Przyby_l_ow welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your sessions for the past month where a run speed sensor was connected. During most of those sessions, a footpod identified as “Footpod (Mfg 66 - Model 1)” was connected, not the RUNN. Is this a Garmin footpod, or some other brand?

On the two occasions that the RUNN was connected (March 19 and 22), it was paired via Bluetooth, not ANT. During these two sesssions, a USB ANT dongle was present. Please check that the dongle is configured correctly to your computer. It may be possible that’s the problem?

Once the dongle is configured correctly, please unpair all the sensors, then re-connect the RUNN carefully. The game app will reconnect to the sensors you used last time, if they are present.

Please also check North Pole Engineerin’s support site for help with calibration questions.

Friend, in the past i was having compatibile treadmill from kettler. Now i must change treadmill and sesion from two weeks ago always only by RUNN, i don’t have any other footpood.yesterday run was recording for runn by ant + for sure as speed and as footpod for sure(but no send any cadence and elevation) With ant plus antenna for sure all is ok, i use it for hr belt and for tacx trainer for zwift, and works perfectly.
I dont know where problem is, have written to suppport of runn. best regards

That’s very odd that you don’t have a foot pod. Some sensor is broadcasting a speed signal, and it’s being picked up as your run speed sensor.

How about bike sensors? I see some connected to the game during a run session. It should not matter that bike sensors are paired during a run session, but let’s try powering off your trainer, and perhaps removing the battery from any speed sensors you have.

Did this get a fix or not? Ran 17km today and Zwift has me at 33000m elevation. Looking at my Garmin it seems the Runn was reading between 200%-300% for a flat run. That worse than vertical, apart from being impossible! I followed the instructions and calibrated the unit before using it and the speed it measures ties up with feel and my treadmill.

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Is your treadmill level? I found out recently that my treadmill was not and it caused the RUNN to report incorrect elevation.

Have you tried Re-Grading your basement to a negative 300% grade? I used a jackhammer to dig an almost vertical 12 foot hole, a little concrete and a trowel in mine— Zwift works great now.

LOL I’d like to see what negative 300% looks like. My head can’t figure out what it would be if 100% is vertical. What is steeper than vertical😉. Good work though I’d ask you to do mine but sadly need to wait I’ll the virus passes!

Interestingly it’s not. Have a metre long spirit level and have to have the treadmill set to -2% for that to show level but even if it’s 2% off by default why is the unit say 300%?

It sounds like the accelerometer on your RUNN is either out of calibration or down right wonky.

Yes sounds like a support ticket needs raising!

Please also review the RUNN installation and usage guide that we have on our support hub.

Installation and setup can be a bit fussy, and can lead to these weird discrepancies.

+1 here. My new Runn sensor reliably gives me around +100m elevation per kilometer on may field. Treadmill deck is level, Runn sensor is level.

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