How can I add a fixed inclination after a run?

I run on a treadmill with a fixed inclination (to train my legs more than on flat ground). I use Zwift and the Runn Sensor but I found that the Runn doesn’t memorize a fixed inclination and therefore all my runs ar recorded and transmitted to Zwift with 0% inclination even the treadmill is at 8%!

The treadmill is inclined by 0,1m and the belt is 1,25m long - my calculation therefore says its 4,5 degrees (8%) inclined. So if I run 2500m I climb 200m.

How can I add that data in Zwift or Zwift companion after I finished my run.

You cannot manually upload or edit activities within Zwift.

probably easier to email north pole runn folks and tell them your situation, they may have a work around to set your default at 8%

Actually the Runn gets elevation correct.
When calibrating make sure the treadmill is horizontal so the sensor is at 0%.

After calibrating you can increase the treadmill and the sensor then gets incline correct.
Only when powerwalking, so at lower speed that 6km/h the Runn has difficulties to get correct data.
Sure it wasn’t designed for walking only, but Im in contact with NPE and they are working on lower speed already.

yes i have a nordic track incline which goes to 40% incline and a NP runn. when i use the incline at 30% and 3-4 mph, i notice my speed in zwift actually gets faster by 0.2 mph than it should be. i think it is my weight and gravity actually pulling the treadmill belt downwards, giving a false increase in speed. good to hear they are looking into it.