NPE RUNN + Zwift - Incline?

Hi all,

I`m considering buying a Runn from North Pole Engineering to use on my threadmill. Does anybody know if Zwift supports incline now? Do they have any training programs on Run as they do on cycling?

How do you like using Runn on Zwift? And how to you use it:-)?

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Haakon, Norway


I’m afraid there is no incline support in Zwift as yet. There are workouts on Zwift and some of them do incline but you have to do this manually on your treadmill.

I use the Runn. It’s success depends on the quality of your treadmill. The better the treadmill the more accurate the run will be. It’s very sensitive so if your treadmill has a small motor it will struggle to keep a constant pace in line with the speeding up and slowing down of the belt with each stride.
Commercial treadmills are much better.

For home use you will see your reported speed fluctuating a little. Cadence works quite well if you get the Runn mounted correctly.

The Runn uses BT and Ant+ and will be detected in the same way your trainer does for cycling.

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Thanks a lot!

Has anybody tried to connect Runn to a Garmin watch? Does it feed Garmin Connect with speed, distance, incline etc?

You can link the RUNN as an external sensor to your Garmin yes.

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I have been using Runn and a Garmin 245 Music. I run Zwift from either my laptop or phone then cast it to my TV. I pair Runn to Zwift for pace and cadence and the watch for HR. Then on my Garmin watch I chose Virtual Run. After a run on Zwift it saves correct speed, HR, and stride data to connect. The one lacking thing is actual incline is not record. It uses the Zwift course incline.