Confused on how RUNN detects speed

First off I finally got avatar to move late last night ,but ZWIFT gave me awards I didn’t earn, sent email to have them erased.

ZWIFT is on my android Samsung Fold phone and have no problem syncing RUNN or heart strap.

How is ZWIFT detecting my TM speed when the RUNN isn’t blinking left to right whenever the strips pass it?

RUNN was blinking left to right before, but since I’ve been trying to configure it , it never blinks anymore ,but app still detects the speed ,why?

Yes strips on belt are aligned correctly as RUNN use to blink before trying to configure it and before when avatar wasn’t moving.

Now that I got avatar moving and trying to configure the RUNN it doesn’t blink back and forth anymore,but app still detects my speed.

I’m so confused.

It doesn’t blink during normal mode.

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Oh ,so when running a race it doesn’t blink ,so why did it blink before ,was that because I was configuring it ?

I have to configure it again ,so way off . Should I use the configurEZ or the ZWIFT wrench to configure ? I tried both but don’t know which is better.

It is already updated via ConfigurEZ.


Yes it blinks during configuration to let you know it’s reading the stickers.

Configure it in Zwift using the wrench as then it’ll be reading your belt speed. Configure it whilst running as belt speed can be slower when under load.
You may have to experiment with the speeds you calibrate at. Try do calibrate at the speed you’ll be running at most often.

It doesn’t handle changes in speed very well by the way so if you go faster or slower than the calibration speed it will be a little out.

This is the exact reason to use QZ as that will just read the treadmill speed.

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Thanks so much ,and yes, I will be using QZ eventually, but I have to get this working as best I can get it ,plus I want to get familiar with the app.

One other thing ,when calibrating is 3mph the lowest it will go ?

Also ,when it asks for middle of incline mine is 7 1/2 {my TM incline 15%} but there is only options for rounded up numbers ,no 1/2 % .

Also, can I use the companion app on my phone also or does it need to be on a different device ?

Thanks again.

No it blinks for one minute to confirm that it has detected the strips.

LED Patterns

Strip Detection

Left & right LEDs toggle opposite each other when a strip is detected as it passes under the sensors. This mode is used for making sure Runn is set up properly. The LEDs will toggle for approximately 1 minute.

Once the minute is up the lights then reflect what the current position of the unit is.

Left light ( looking from the white button side) - it has made a Bluetooth connection with something.

Middle light - you are running the unit on mains power ( my preferred choice)

Right light - the Ant radio is active ( I don’t think this means it is transmitting via Ant yet - you can turn this Ant facility off if you are not using it via Runn settings, white button, or via ConfigurEZ app)

I’m not expert on the technical side but as far as I can see if your left hand light is on the unit has found something to transmit to via Bluetooth, hopefully Zwift. However if I then try and open the ConfigurEZ app to see belt speed, incline or some other such information then it can only connect with one thing through Bluetooth so it drops/stops the Zwift connection and Avatar stops. Once I close the ConfigurEZ app it reconnects with Zwift and Avatar starts moving again.

I have posted NPE’s RUNN help/support info on one of your other posts. Here is another to explain LEDs.

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Stuart are you really sure he should be attempting to calibrate his RUNN to his treadmill?

NPE used to make quite a big thing about the calibration facility but when I made contact with them they were adamant that the unit was very accurate and didn’t need calibrating. The only reason they say a calibration might be needed is if someone really wants the RUNN to be outputting the shown treadmill speed as opposed to the actual belt speed. ( ie to match what they have previously been seeing, recording, measuring against etc). NPE have now changed their documentation to try and confirm this.


Oh I didn’t know this about the one minute timer ,and posted yesterday that my RUNN stops blinking after exactly one minute ,that’s when I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I just thought it was losing connection because my avatar wasn’t moving.


Good question Ian,

I always recommend calibrating in Zwift as that’s the only way your on screen speed matches the treadmill reported speed which is the biggest gripe of most.

In my experience treadmills are actually fairly accurate but do suffer under load, hence why i calibrate when running. I would refute the claims on accuracy. I’d say it’s close to 0.2/0.3 accurate in my testing.

If however you are not bothered about treadmill reported speed matching on screen then don’t calibrate the run.
Leave it to factory settings but you’ll have a lifetime of wondering if the treadmill is correct or the Runn is correct.

As for running the companion app this has to be on a different device to what you run the Zwift app on. They have to be on the same WiFi network also.

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Agreed, that’s why I measured treadmill belt length as very best I could, set RUNN to 10 miles per hour ( not that I can run at that speed for more than a minute or two) and measured belt revolutions for exactly 6 minutes (bit OTT could have done 3 minutes and multiplied). Less than one revolution out.

My treadmill is 20+ yr old Reebok which I knew was out (0.7kmh) so expected RUNN to be a lot more accurate.

I’m not technically minded and don’t know how treadmills measure belt speed but my gut feeling is that an ‘engineered’ piece of equipment designed to pretty much do one thing (measure a point passing between two other points) should be very accurate.

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Must be one of the TR series.
I used to sell them around the time you bought yours.
It’s served you well. Most blew the capacitors in the circuit board.

Many treadmills don’t measure belt speed. It’s all based on voltage. Basically at each determined speed point a voltage is passed to the motor. In that sense the treadmill has no idea what the belt speed is. You could have no belt on the motor connecting the treadmill belt and it would report a speed as the circuit board is reporting that it’s passed this on to the motor.

Some do have physical sensors that measure rotations of the pulley wheel on the front roller. They’re a bit like a poor version of the Runn that measures speed based on the passage of a marker past the sensor.