Run Avatar not moving using Runn

All calibrated and update on Runn (configirez app)completed. Will not calibrate in zwift. When showing 10 on treadmill zwift 3 point calibration shows 0.5kmh. Avatar wont move with 99.59km flashing showing in speed. Pictures attached. Have completed one introductory run worked once and have signed up for monthly. Any help greatly appreciated. Wifi and bluetooth connection are good.20210114_160502|690x310

Saw a post elsewhere that NPE have pulled the latest FW upgrade due to a bug. I would send them a note via their support email. The suggestion I saw from them was to use a screwdriver to remove the cover and disconnect the battery briefly and this will reset it.

I’ve just upgraded to the latest firmware but have yet to use it since. I’m now concerned.

I’ve worked with NPE regards the calibration. They advise bit to calibrate in Zwift. I’ve found seeing the treadmill to 5 mph then using the button to calibrate it offered the best accuracy. That said it could be well out when you get to your running pace. If it’s over estimating the speed then reduce the actual treadmill speed when you do the 5 mph calibration. Also factor in that calibrating whilst not running could lead to a severe reduction in reported speed whilst running.

I’m currently running the treadmill at 4.5mph then calibrating it. That way at 7.5mph it’s reasonably accurate.

In your case try lowering or raising the Ring in the cradle as this can sometimes be an issue.