Runn calibration


When I attempt to calibrate my npe runn device, I find that it’s out by at least 1.5 kph.

Aside from that, my biggest issue is that a comfortable run for me is when my treadmill is set between 5 and 5.5, however the avatar is still showing a very slow walk. It only starts to run when I increase the treadmill speed to a speed that I’m not capable of doing.

Any ideas?

How are you calibrating it?
Using the Configurez app or the spanner icon in Zwift on the pairing page?

I’ve only attempted calibration using the spanner icon on the pairing screen

So after you’ve calibrated it using that technique it’s still out?

Use the Configurez App and it should nail the speed within 0.1
Sometimes a little off as the belt is configured without weight using the app. I have never needed to configure the speed in Zwift with the Runn.

I finally got it. Problem was that I had zwift showing kph and the treadmill was on mph. Got it dialed in now.

Thank u all

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