Calibrate RUNN

I’m hoping someone can help me understand calibrating the NPE Runn device.

I thought the point of this device was to give an accurate speed reading, instead of relying on the speed displayed by the treadmill.

It comes factory calibrated at 5 mph, yet the calibration methods says to set the treadmill at 5 mph, so does the device then calibrate to your treadmill, so that 5mph on the treadmill display is what shows in Zwift, even though you might actually be doing a different speed?

For instance, I installed my Runn device and when I set the treadmill to 10 km/h, Zwift showed 10.3 km/h, and to get 10 km/h in Zwift I had to set the treadmill to 9.7.

So if the RUNN is properly calibrated at the factory, then I know I should set the treadmill to 9.7 km/h to be accurate.

But I see that to calibrate it, you do it with the treadmill set at 5 mp/h. Does this calibrate it to the belt movement, so that in my case, the RUNN would measure 10 km/h when the treadmill shows 10 km/h?

Surely this just makes the RUNN device inaccurate? (I’m not worried about incline)

Correct, you are calibrating the Runn module to your treadmill’s speed. The assumption is that your treadmill is reasonably accurate with the speed it displays. If you’re concerned about the treadmill’s speed you will need to work out a way to confirm the actual speed of the belt vs the speed being displayed.

Thank-you Aaron.

So is the RUNN device accurate? That is how I am determining the actual speed of the belt verses speed displayed on the treadmill and coming to the conclusion that the treadmill is displaying .3 km/h slower than it actually is.

But at 4 km/h there wasn’t any difference.

Let me point out that I am being pedantic, I guess 0.3k difference at 10k is only 3%, is that considered reasonable? It is a 15yr old treadmill so cant really complain.

But is that considered fair if I entered a race? (thats probably irrelevant as I’m likely to be at the back anyway :slight_smile:

This is from DC Rainmaker:

More or less you don’t need to calibrate the NPE RUNN, it measures the treadmill speed (actually the time the sticker or mark passes between sensors) and transmits that to Zwift or other receiving device/app.

Belt speed can and probably will change with someone running on it and that can be the difference in what the treadmill is displaying and what the RUNN is broadcasting.

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Thanks, I’ll read that.

Your explanation might explain why there was a difference at 10k but not 4k (as I wasn’t pounding it at 4k).

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