Runn accuracy

Hey folks

Bought a Proform 995i and NPE RUNN recently to use with zwift.

Setup no bother, however on use in zwift I’m somewhat perplexed by the accuracy.

I’ve read alot of people with questions about why its 0.1km out however with my treadmill set at 12kph (my work pace), zwift registers 19kph.

Now either the RUNN is wrong or the treadmill is. And going off how RUNN works I would suspect it’s the more accurate of the two, however I just ran a zwift 5k under 19min.

My all time PB for 5k is 23:40 so there is not a chance that’s correct. I literally could not maintain 5k at that pace.

I could calibrate it to the treadmill but I thought that’s not the idea of the RUNN?

Bit of extra info, the motor is 3.0chp, I weigh 60kg give or take a pack of peroni and a dominos and the RUNN is positioned towards the back end of the treadmill about 6inch before it does a 180 underneath. (Only flat spot to stick onto)

You will need to calibrate the Runn to your treadmill. Do this whilst running at your normal pace for best accuracy.

The pace when running will fluctuate a little.

You should then be a little closer.

Remember though that your treadmill PB will be different to your outside PB.