Reebok Jet 300 with Zwift

Hello all.

I`m completely new to this, so please excuse any daft questions.

I`m looking at purchasing a treadmill soon, possibly a Reebok Jet 300.
Am I right in saying that any treadmill will connect with Zwift as long as I have the food pot/tracker?

I just wanted to make sure before I purchase one, as part of getting one is being able to use Zwift on it.

I`m stuggling to find any smart treadmills here in the UK, so wanted to check this first.

Many thanks for any assistance.


That is correct, you can use any treadmill if you use a footpod/tracker.

Thank you very much Paul for the reply.

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Hi Paul,

I bought a Noble pro Treadmill the other week which is compatible with zwift without anything else needed. Arrived the next day very impressed . Not sure how much the rebook is compared mind you but worth checking out. Bought the Elite E8.0 which was ÂŁ950 after I found a referral code with a quick google.

I couldn’t find much about them online bar few mentions on here, and “ambassadors” on YouTube which I guess you can’t trust…But took the punt and has been great

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For any future readers, I can just chime in and recommend the NPE Runn. It sends speed, inclination and cadence to Zwift for any treadmill.
Very happy with mine. Arrived in Norway from the US within a few days. (Usually most couriers use official customs protocol which in Norways case can take up to several weeks)

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