Nordic track t9.5 treadmill compatible for zwift

Dear all,

Does anyone know if the Nordic track t9.5 treadmill is compatible for zwift ?


Here is the list of treadmills that are compatible with Zwift:

I don’t see the Nordictrack on the list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

To use a treadmill that does not connect to Zwift you will need a foot pod (Zwift Run Pod, Stryd, Garmin…), NPE RUNN, Wahoo Tickr Runn or X, some Gamin Watches (FR945, FR245, or Fenix 6), or some other device that can broadcast run speed to Zwift.

I can post the full list if needed.

Thanks Paul I currently have a foot pod. Just looking for a treadmill so it’s more accurate here’s a link to the treadmill

Why would you think what a treadmill display for speed would be more accurate than say the Stryd or NPE RUNN?

The Stryd and the NPE RUNN do not need calibration. Also, the Stryd measures your actual foot speed and the NPE RUNN measures your belt speed, both of which will be far more accurate than what the treadmill is displaying.

I have noticed when I get tired I take smaller steps there for the speed from the pod is faster but I haven’t increased the speed on the treadmill

What food pod?

Belt speed can change depending on how you run on it, that is why it is more accurate to use either the Stryd or NPE RUNN to measure speed.

I have the zwift run pod, so in a long run when I start to get tired the pace on zwift is quicker as a take smaller steps, even though the speed on the treadmill is the same

OK, the Zwift Run Pod is far from being accurate. If you are looking for accuracy than you should consider either Stryd or NPE RUNN.

Thanks got your help il look into it