Running support for NordicTrack C500 Folding Treadmill

Just wondering if you can add support for the NordicTrack C500 Folding Treadmill to the list, it has BT support for iFIT so I am hoping you can and will support it as a smart treadmill at some point in the future.

Its not Zwift that needs to do this its NT and I have already discussed it with them as I have the C990.  They have said no as they have an exclusive deal with iFit to provide the interactive input.  So while the machine is technically capable of being controlled by Zwift ND have no appetite to change the software to support Zwift.

Its a shame really as they are a natural candidate for Zwift.  I am bored of the iFit ones and they are also really flakey!!!


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This stinks. Worst purchasing decision I made buying a ND treadmill. The iFit tracks are absolute pants performance wise, shaky/ jerky unrealistic. What a shame they won’t allow support for Zwift to their treadmills.

Agreed, I have cancelled the iFit subscription as its terrible.  Constant crashing, laggy video and generally unusable.  Complete waste of money.  

Which is a shame as the treadmill itself is excellent.  Still I use a milestone footpod and either my iPad or the Apple TV UHD on the 50" wall mounted in front of the treadmill and Neo Turbo trainer at home so nothing really lost.  I just hit the relevant incline buttons when I see the incline change on the screen.


I’m in the same boat. Have used a milestone FP with Zwift on my C500 and it’s is okay, but not fantastic.
Might be worth looking into this as a good option too:

Seems to be a solid unit and has some pretty decent reviews.
Extra $$, but heh if it’s reliable and works well?

I have ordered the stryd full featured footpod, way more accurate than the belt speed on the treadmill aparently. I have the up down and speed controls of my Nordic treadmill exposed as I had to fit new switches as the old ones corroded. It would be good to be able to hack the zwift app to control the up / down switches of the Nordic tm. 

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I have had the tread tracker for a month now and really like it, so easy to use with Zwift, much more accurate than my foot pod. Have used with my iPone/Apple TV and computer and connects to Zwift no issues every-time. Does vary a bit by 0.1 - 0.2 MPH but not sure if that is the device or the treadmill not holding a steady pace. 

It’s not Zwift that needs hacking to work with NT it’s the NT which runs android. It’s Nordic Track that have locked it down as they have a exclusive contract with iFit for the software.  I am sure if they opened up the machine to Zwift then it would be supported.  They do have the capability to receive Bluetooth input and process it which is needed to control the gradient. 

However I find the footpod more than enough. I use both a Milestone and a Stryd and there is nothing to choose between them in terms of accuracy and reliability. The treadmills are always going to be the week point as the belt speed is never accurate and does not account for “float” where you are in the air above the belt. My Nordic is pretty good but will never be perfect.  I have been on some treadmills that have been more than 10% out which over a 10 or 20km run is a noticeable error. 

But at the end of he day it’s a treadmill. If you want True accuracy then you need to get outside on the road on measured distance.