They need to get ellipticals to work with this

they need to have ellipticals that work with zwift. Many can not take the impact of even a treadmill

There are but you have to find them. They need to emit an open (non-proprietary) BT or ANT+ signal with power and/or speed data.

do you know any?

Actually, there are workarounds that may be cheaper and not require hunting a suitable elliptical: Elliptical - ALMOST!

thank you for the info! very interesting. I have an older nordic track elliptical with the ifit module. that is bluetooth but probably not compatable with zwift

Hope you can get it working!

Here is a spreadsheet where some people noted whether their Nordic treadmill with iFit can be connected with Zwift:

(link not allowed, search for zwifit on github)

Can you connect your equipment with the ifit app?