Elliptical cross trainer connect to zwift via Bluetooth?

I am planning to get an Nordic track elliptical cross trainer 7.5 which has a Bluetooth connection ( for use with iFit). Before I buy I was wondering whether it would be possible to connect to zwift?
I did try a google search but not much around and any info was a few years ago.

Thanks for any advice


Not at the moment, but I remember reading an article that said it could come someday.

Cheers Paul, might come from Nordic or zwift or both?

Zwift would need to integrate ellipticals into its software.

Also a foot pod also not work on an elliptical.

I connected my ProForm elliptical with iFit support to zwift. I am using a raspberry pi with software that connects both to my crosstrainer and to zwift using bluetooth.

See github for a copy of the software that I updated for my ProForm (including mqtt support). Search for zwifit on github (there are multiple people who worked on the software).