Elliptical - ALMOST!

I’m unable to ride since breaking my hip so I quickly attached a Garmin Bike Speed Sensor onto my elliptical trainer(see attached picture) tp try for striding, but Zwift wouldn’t recognize that sensor within the running sensor setup section. However, the sensor is recognized in the riding sensor setup section and after choosing the “unknown” trainer and selecting the largest wheel size, my bike avatar starting moving at 6-8 MPH which is a good running pace! Is there anyway that sensor could be added to the running sensor setup section with maybe stride length options so the runner avatar would work? I’d be happy to Beta test any solutions. This could open the door to more Zwift customers who are injured runners/cyclist and walkers!

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Hi @Lee_Chizum1

The zwift app look for a sensor that specifically broadcast running data, (ie pace m/s)

But it will be awesome if they could use a bike speed sensor as well, then we can just stick a speed sensor on our treadmills and calibrate it by entering a “wheel” size until it match the treadmill speed.

There is an app that does that as well, it’s called Treadmill Speed Transmitter. You should be able to find it in the Google Play Store.

It will be interesting to know if a foot pod sensor will register the smooth strides on an elliptical trainer.

No, a foot pod will not really work with an elliptical.

What I posted is an app for a Android phone that can transmit speed to Zwift.

Oh, I see, the app uses the phone’s accelerometer to calculate and send speed to Zwift. I’ll try strapping my phone to the elliptical handle, or my arm. Thanks!

There are different modes and you should be able to use it with an elliptical.

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This is great! I just tried that option for my elliptical trainer. At first, the speed was off until I noticed that I had the app transmitting miles per hour while I had Zwift set up using kilometers per hour.

Now I can switch between cycling and running on Zwift.

Thank you.

I am able to successfully use Bluetooth to directly connect my PC with Zwift to my Android Note 8 running the Treadmill Speed Transmitter app! When set to AUTO, the app properly sends variable speeds to Zwift when paired to it’s Treadmill Speed sensor, not the cadence sensor.

When I tried to connect with ANT+ via the Companion app, the Zwift sensor pairing listed multiple sources and they only reported a fixed speed, or zero, never variable speed even when set to AUTO. The app instructions are out of date.

I attached an inexpensive microphone stand phone holder to an arm pole on my elliptical, and oriented the phone sideways as if it was in my pocket. The swinging arm with phone mimics a leg stride causing the app to transmit variable speed making my Zwift avatar run down the road!

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For running I use the Zwift footpod. This footpod doesn’t register the movement on the elliptical trainer (so speed is zero). Is there a solution for this? Are there other ways to train on an Elliptical using Zwift?

TreadTracker http://store.runsocial.com/products/treadtracker Make sure you get the gen 2 version which works with Zwift as the gen 1 does not. It is however very difficult to tell which is which from just looking at them. It is thought the gen 2 version comes with
a branded cover sleeve for the cardboard box it comes in but the gen 1 just comes in the box with no cover sleeve. Recommend asking the vendor prior to purchase.

It looks like TreadTracker had been discontinued. Try this instead: https://zwiftinsider.com/runn-sensor-announced/

Hans, for elliptical training with Zwift see my posts above about the Treadmill Speed Transmitter app and how to attach phone to the Elliptical arm.

I meant to post this: Treadmill Speed Transmitter

Paul can you run this on an iphone ? You connect this to the companion and thats how it meaures onnthe Zwift ( re elliptical trainer ) my machine is quite old -is it better to connect to the arm of your machine or your arm

That link you sent is an app ?

That link from Paul is for an Android only app. If you find a similar iPhone app, please post it here.

In case anyone is looking for a ‘how to’ modify their cross trainer to work with Zwift, I put together this video explaining how I used a cheap magnetic sensor to get your avatar moving.

I have purchased a hybrid elliptical and would like to use this app. Should I purchase the running or biking sensor.