Can I limit sensor speed to max speed of Treadmill

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First of all I love my Zwift running. I even stuck a 47 inch screen on the wall to get a better experience. I have calibrated my footpod:

9mph normal running speed
8.1mph slower running speed
9.9mph faster running speed

And I find that it’s pretty accurate when I run. However, I find that as I get towards 10mph, it shows 10.3mph. Is it possible to program in to the Zwift that my treadmill only goes to 10mph (unfortunately) so it’s not possible for me to be getting more than that?

Ride On,

No I’m afraid it’s not.

Footpods are notoriously inaccurate, they may be close after calibration but they they tend to drift. It’s normal for the reports speed to be up to 0.5 km/h different to the treadmill.
It’s also possible that your treadmill is out.

The are alternatives out there that can offer better accuracy.

It’s a pity cos it is absolutely spot on up to about 9.5mph, but goes off out by about 0.2mph after.

What alternatives would you suggest. My treadmill is old, but it’s perfect otherwise, so I can’t justify upgrading it. I don’t think there is any way that I can connect it directly to Zwift.

I wouldn’t worry about it since both are probably not accurate.

Which pod are you using?

I’m using the Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart

It was recommended as the best mid priced footpod.

Hi, the Polar one is about the same as all other pods in its class.

Only the Stryd will pretty much guarantee accuracy but they’re expensive.

I would experiment with the calibration in Zwift.

Try calibrating it with all 3 speeds low and see if it stays accurate at higher speeds.

Likewise calibrate it at the top speed of your treadmill and see if that helps.

That said they can be accurate one day then out the next without reason.

You could consider the treadmill speed sensor app.

You tell the app what speed you have the treadmill set at and this sends it to Zwift.

If you run at a flat pace or don’t change much during a run then great but if you’re doing intervals its less simple as you have to change both the treadmill and the app.

My calibration runs slow at low speeds and high at high speeds. I don’t let it bother me. It’s just a training tool and I have outdoor runs and races on accurately measured courses when I want a precise measure. It may well be that the treadmill itself is a source of inaccuracy. It’s plenty good enough for interval training with fast and slow segments etc. I adjust a bit to feel rather than trying to precisely match the requested speed.

Thanks for the responses guys.

I checked the price on the Stryd’s and they are very expensive. €229 here in Ireland, as opposed to €69 euro for the Polar one that I have.

The calibration going out one day later is happening to me as well. I went running last night in a Baseline run and I think the others thought that they were running with Mo Farah, but the footpod was giving me 0.7mph over what I was actually running.

I’ll check out the speed sensor app and see if that is any better.

Just thinking, as I set up the Treadmill Smart Speed Sensor app.

Surely it would make more sense to have a phone app that you can use the camera (and OCR) to read the LCD display on the treadmill and send to zwift. Or have a Zwift USB camera that you could just in to the laptop and do the same.

How do you know that the speed that you’re treadmill is displaying is accurate? Most are not.

I suppose that could work but then I think that might have a limited market.

Tried out the treadmill smart app tonight, that should do the job for me alright. Thanks for the tip, no idea how I missed this at the time when I was buying the Polar.

I’ll work ahead on getting the treadmill calibrated so as not to offend other posters. :wink:

I tested mine having been convinced it was out. It wasn’t.

The speed app is great if you run a flat pace for your run. If you’re doing intervals or a workout it can be a pain adjusting the speed on both. That’s why I use the QZ Domyos app which takes the speed from the treadmill via Bluetooth.
I still use the treadmill speed app on my works gym treadmill as its not Bluetooth.

Hi guys, just checking back in a few months later. Switched from the footpod to the Treadmill app and it’s much better for how I use it. I have the 6 presets set to the following:

0MPH | 10MPH
8MPH | 9.5MPH
8.5MPH | 9MPH

Before, I sync it up and check that its working by clicking a few different speeds and making sure that they are reflected on the screen. Then I leave it at 0MPH and start the run. I leave the man on the screen on 0MPH until I work my way up to running speed, and when I’m up to 8MPH I click it on the app and we’re off. I think work my way up in 0.5MPH intervals.

For me, much better than the ambiguity of the footpod. Thanks all for the advice.

Footpod for SALE, one careful owner!!

Depending on the model of your treadmill you could upgrade to the QZ Domyos app which reads the speed of your treadmill so you don’t need to adjust the treadmill and the app. If you are using a Windows PC you can also get auto incline.