Calibrate run speed source at multiple speeds

When calibrating a running speed source (e.g. a foot pod), Zwift allows calibration at one speed, and we’re advised to make it the speed at which we’ll most likely be running.

For many footpods (e.g. Milestone, Garmin) this means that when running at the calibrated speed, things are fine, but when running at different speeds, the speed being reported to Zwift is faster or slower than the speed shown on the treadmill.

Could Zwift be enhanced to allow calibration at a few different speeds please, so that the reported vs. actual speeds can be more closely aligned at a range of speeds?

Ideally this should be done in a single calibration session, with the user able to select the range of speeds over which to calibrate, and Zwift then adjusting in-run using the calibration data for whichever calibration speed is closest to the current speed

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Yes agree this would be very useful and not something have seen done elsewhere for foot pods (although the Wahoo Fitness app does for the TickrX) despite all normal advice telling you to calibrate at your “normal” speed but, of course, many runs are not one paced. My calibration tests do suggest foot pod calibrations can change significantly with speed. That is particularly noticeable with the MilestonePod for instance.

I’ve been looking for posts like this.  I too find it difficult to use things like workout mode.  Was doing 800m repeats at the 11.5km/h speed, when reaching the 400 slow pace (7.5km/h) I was consistently at 9-10km/h even though my treadmill was on 7.5.

Unless you calibrate at that particular speed it doesn’t like it.  Same applies for an initial warmup, I need to calibrate at 8km/h then recalibrate when I’m ready to run at 12pm for accuracy.  Not a big deal but annoying for workouts.

Anyway not sure how to fix but would help a lot for accuracy.  I run a milestone.  When I calibrate to a particular speed it’s spot on.

Agree with the above, it’s super frustrating, I will calibrate at 11.5 km/h and then start the run at say 10 and ramp up. Not only is the initial speed incorrect by the time I am running on the treadmill speed at 11.5 Zwift will then report under that for some reason. This happens with my Adidas Speed Cell and my Jabra Elite Sport’s.

If we could calibrate at intervals it would fix everything, as I tend to ramp up in .5 km/h steps.