Can I set a speed to calibrate a Zwift RunPod? [March 2024]

Hi, I’m a new ZWIFT user!
I purchased the ZWIFT RunPod, I have a question about it.
During calibration, is there a way to set a slower speed?
Because I still can’t run on my treadmill, so I can’t maintain running at 6.4Kph.

Yes. When you click the wrench icon it gives you the option at which to set the middle speed. You can lower that. Set that at your normal walking pace for the best accuracy.

You can also skip the other paces to calibrate although i would calibrate it at all 3 for best results. It’s only 30 seconds each one.

Hi, @Milone_da_Kroton welcome to Zwift Forums, I’m pleased to read that you joined us and are ready to start running with your Zwift RunPod!

Just as @Run.10K.Every.Day mentioned, to calibrate it, to your compatibility for the majority of a run you can set a lower or higher speed. For more info about calibrating your Zwift RunPod, you can take a look at this article.

Hi, going to calibrate the runpod, the minimum speed is 6.4Kph. On the left it also gives lower Kph, but during calibration it only gives me 6.4Kph

I must admit that’s something i wasn’t aware of that there’s a minimum speed. 6.4km/h is certainly quicker than walking pace.

Could you enlist a friend to calibrate it for you?

Hi everyone, I calibrated the runpod with the minimum speed of 6.4Km/h, but I have a problem.
After calibrating it, if I run at 6.4Km/h, the runpod can’t understand the speed well and I lose around 300-200m/h.
example, if I run at 6.4Km/h, the runpod detects 5.6-5,8Km/h