Speed recommendations are too fast

Hi, just started Zwift Running 101 programme with a Runn speed sensor on Sole F63 treadmill. I use metric units on Zwift and my treadmill and have the two calibrated pretty accurately.

My problem is that Zwift seems to think 20km/hr is normal running speed for me, whereas ‘fast’ for me is around 11 or 12km/hr. It means I can’t even reach the speeds suggested for recovery or cooldown.

I had some trouble calibrating when I first started, so it may be that mistook me for a super athlete, but is there any way to reset this? Thanks.

Hi Steve, I’m still new using Zwift, but I recalibrated the runpod after my first attempt, because the first time I didn’t choose right my normal speed. Then, the slow and fast speed is authomatically suggested by the Zwift app. The following day I calibrated it again and chose my real normal speed, and it seems to work properly. At the first screen in the app there is a tool icon, click there and choose your normal, slow and fast speed manually.
Sorry in case I didn’t get your question well.

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The paces in your workouts are based on the mile/5k/10k/half-marathon/marathon times in your profile.

To edit your profile go into the menu during a run and click on the edit icon that is just below your name. You can also get there by clicking on the “edit paces” button on the workout selection screen.