Zwift Run Calibration Resetting

Perhaps it’s just me… but I seem to find my Zwift calibration for my Stryd footpod is ignored more often than not… Previously I thought/assumed it happened each time there was a Zwift update, but it seems to be happening even more often. My Stryd footpod reads notably lower than my treadmill without calibration (circa 1kmh)… I calibrate it, and it works fairly accurately. But occaisionally I will start running and notice it’s again circa 1kmh out.

A few points on the matter:

  1. I’m not sure if I am alone in finding this
  2. I’m not sure if it’s only Stryd footpods (or all calibrated speed sources)
  3. I’ve not been able to identify exactly when the previous calibration is erased/ignored
  4. Why would the calibration be erased/ignored anyway?
  5. If there is a need to calibrate so regularly… why is the calibration mileage not included in one’s Zwift session? 3x40sec (+speed change time) does make a difference to the overall distance ran!

Hi! you’re not alone. It happens to me too.
I have to calibrate each time I want to run. In my case, pod makes me seem faster, about 1-1.5 km/h.
My awesome workaround was to make my Strava activities private.
I can’t calibrate every time because people waiting for the treadmill become annoyed when it seems like you finish with it but you haven’t even started.
My pod is the one they sell at the Zwift shop.