ANT+ cadence sensor with elliptical?

I would like to try out Zwift, but I have an elliptical at my home, and I have read that those are incompatible with Zwift. However, I have attached an ANT+ meant for bikes using a 3D-printed adapter which I custom-designed, with which I record my workouts using an Android app called IpBike. Would that work for Zwift too?

A cadence sensor is not enough to move your avatar within Zwift, you would also need a speed sensor.

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Thanks. I actually have a combined speed/cadence sensor, they are both triggered by the same magnet (they are Hall effect sensors, I guess). They are synchronously triggered, of course. Would that work?

Not very accurately.

Are you planning on using a bike avatar or run avatar?

Running is totally free, biking has a free trial then you must pay for a subscription.

Thank you Paul. In real life Iā€™m a mountain biker; indoor training is my sport-of-last-resort. But I have a huge projection screen ca. 200 cm in front of the elliptical. Thus far I have been watching Netflix (otherwise workouts are incredibly boring). I will give Zwift a try though.

That speed and cadence sensor will ONLY work for the biking side of Zwift, it will not work for running.