Will cadence sensor on recumbent bike make avatar move?

Hello everyone. I have a recumbent bike and just want to use Zwift as a different view when riding rather than staring at a wall. The bike is magnetic resistance which is completely enclosed with a plastic cover so the only visible moving parts are the pedals. I would only really be interested in my elapsed time, not speed. I can adjust the intensity myself on the bike console and I would also connect a heart rate monitor to see how hard I’m working.

If I buy the cadence sensor and attach it to my shoe will this allow Zwift to function, i.e. will it make my avatar move?

Thank you! I appreciate any information you can provide.

Hi @Canada_Girl

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A cadense sensor won’t make your avatar move.

For that bike you will need power meter pedals if they are compatible.

Thanks so much for your quick and informative response, Gerrie! I really appreciate it. Not the info I wanted to hear, but I guess I will have to go to Plan B … whatever that is, haha. Thanks again and have a good day.

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